Dinner Lady is one of the most popular e-liquid brands on the market today. Based in Lancashire, England, they pride themselves on producing the finest quality e-liquids in the market.

They dominate the baked goods flavored e-liquid category, thanks to a line of great tasting liquids that back up the massive hype they are generating today.

They have won numerous awards including: BEST BRAND, BEST DESSERT, & BEST CEREAL in the 2016 Ecigclick Awards UK;  BEST LIQUID  in the 2017 Hall of Vape Germany; &  BEST DESSERT  in the 2016 National Vape Expo USA

Additionally, Dinner lady has won over even the DIY'ers of vaping who have attempted to recreate their recipes, but cannot come close to reaching the same complexity and flavour experience that Dinner Lady provides.

That is a true testament to the brand of e-liquid that Dinner lady has to offer.

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