The most realistic & natural tasting flavours that you will find.

Headquartered in sunny South Florida, Element is a premium e-liquid manufacturer known throughout the vaping community, and highly-regarded for their exceptionally high-quality e-juices.

Called by some as the “best e-liquid in the world”, they are recognized worldwide, having won multiple awards such as the BEST IN SHOW at the 2015 Vape Summit USA, BEST JUICE & BEST JUICE LINE at the 2015 Vape Jam UK, JUICE OF THE SHOW at the 2015 The Vaper Expo UK, & BEST INTERNATIONAL BRAND at the 2017 Ecigclick Awards UK.      

The brand strives to perfect every juice formula they make with scientific precision, which also inspired their labels that resemble the periodic table. They manufacture their e-liquid to the highest American standards using organically extracted Nicotine.

Featuring a wide variety of well-executed flavors with something for virtually any type of taste bud. There are the more straightforward flavors like Pink Lemonade, Pink Grapefruit or Fresh Squeezed, and they have creative emulsions that combine several flavors into unique vaping experiences. It’s good vaping chemistry!

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