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.5ml | ZIRCONIA CERAMIC 510 Vape Cartridge | for THICK OIL | 5 PACK

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Resistance: 1.4Ω
Inlet hole: 2.0mm x4 

ZIRCONIA CERAMIC 510 Vape Cartridge | Australia Vape
  • Benefits of Zirconia Ceramic
    • greater mechanical strength & fracture toughness
    • higher resistance to extreme temperatures
    • increased threading strength for a tighter seal
  • Ceramic mouthpiece (screw fit)
    • refillable
  • Zirconia ceramic center post core
    • no metal contamination: heavy metal test certified
  • Ceramic coil
    • lack of contaminants (like burnt cotton wicks) provides a flavour that more accurately represents the extract.
    • Works better with more viscous (thicker ) oils
  • Bottom airflow
  • Auto-draw (buttonless inhale) vape pen compatible
  • No-glue construction
    • no glue taste/burning
  • 510 threading 
510 Vape Cartridge Filling Instructions



  • Exposing cartridges to high temperatures during filling may cause the oil in the cartridge to expand, resulting to leakage.
  • Cartridges must always remain upright during the filling process.
  • Recommended filling temperature: 32°- 55° Celsius


  • Using a blunt tipped needle, no larger than 14 gauge, insert the tip between the outer wall of the cartridge and the center post. Do not fill the center post. 
  • If cartridge is overfilled, wipe the exterior carefully with a dilution of 50% alcohol to water immediately. 
  • When removing the needle, do not allow fluid to drip on the inner surface where the mouthpiece is to be seated. This will reduce the tightness of the mouthpiece. 


  • Immediately after filling, seat the mouthpiece firmly to prevent leakage. 
  • Avoid oil residue between the mouthpiece and tip & the cartridge. This may cause the tip to become unseated. 


  • Once the cartridge has been filled and capped, seat the cartridge upside down, with the mouthpiece at the bottom.
  • Allow the oil to settle and cool for 30 minutes prior to flipping upright. 


  • Allow the filled cartridges to stand upright for a minimum of 30 minutes before use. This will allow the atomizer to fully saturate for optimum vaporization. 

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